I'm always amazed at the number of people I often see going to the snack machine every morning. I understand there are times when you've forgotten to bring a snack or drink to work and the snack machine offers the convenience to get what you want. However, I don't understand the people who you consistently see near the snack machines every morning. Why would I want to pay an inflated price for a drink, when I can go buy a case of drinks at a grocery store for less than what people spend on 5 drinks a week at the snack machine.
I really wonder if people just don't realize they are paying a much higher price. Maybe they just say "well, it's only a dollar and I'm thirsty." Maybe they're just too lazy to go to the store and buy drinks ahead of time. Maybe they just don't think ahead or know any better.

I think it's important to think about these little financial decisions we all make on a daily basis. So when you know you'll be at work all day:

  • Take a few minutes the night or day before and figure out what you'll need for snack or drink
  • Purchase these items in bulk from your local grocery store or club
  • Avoid the snack machines
  • Be amazed at the amount of money you save week after week