Yes, it's true that all drop side cribs have been banned and outlawed in the U.S.

"It was a unanimous vote by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban the manufacture, sale and resale of the cribs, which have a side rail that moves up and down, allowing parents to more easily lift their child from the crib."

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Get $15+ back from the Dannon Activia class action lawsuit. You are eligible If you've purchased Activia or DanActive products. For higher amounts, you must prove your purchases with receipts. Not sure I know many people who save grocery store receipts so good luck with that one.

Teachers Lap Dance

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Here's the video of two teachers engaging in a lap dance at a rally at a high school in Canada. Wow, they really didn't think this on through:

I was looking for a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for my HTPC setup a while back and came across the EFO wireless keyboard. You can only order this product directly from Hong Kong, which made me a little hesitant to order it, but I did. The keyboard arrived about 10 days after I placed my order and I have to say I'm impressed overall with the device. The range is excellent, the keyboard is responsive and the touchpad works rather well. It's not the most stylish device, but it's very small and lightweight making it easy to store and use. However, there are a few shortcomings with this device:

No tab key - this is quite annoying.

Running windows 7 when the computer wakes up from sleeping - the device repeats the first character typed until you reseat the usb dongle.

Overall, I recommend this device especially at the $45 shipped price point.

Check out the company website here:

What do you think about full body scanners that are starting to be implemented in airports across the world? Do you feel like your privacy will be violated? Will you be less likely to fly if you knew the airport had a full body scanner? This really does raise a lot of questions concerning privacy. I can imagine there will be some backlash concerning the use of full body scanners in airports. Thoughts?