5 Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

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If you are a pet owner like me, you know how expensive owning a pet can be. But to me and probably most other animal lovers, the joy your pet brings you is more than worth the cost. Here are some money saving tips I've encountered along the way:

  1. Buy large bags of pet food versus smaller bags and store in an airtight container to preserve freshness - For instance, an 8 lb bag of science diet dog food runs about $10 ($1.25/lb), but a 40 lb bag can regularly be found on sale for around $30 (75 cents/lb) - a 40% savings!.

  2. Buy toys at the Dollar Tree. I've purchased many expensive toys that don't last as long as the Dollar Tree toys. Dollar Tree toys can be cheaply made as well, so please inspect all toys regularly.

  3. Choose your vet wisely as they can vary greatly in price even within the same town. Ask for prices up front before they care for your pet. Ask if they offer a discount for full payment in cash.

  4. Take good preventative care of your pet to prevent future expensive and painful health problems. Invest in good quality food (just look for good deals on high quality supplies) - Cheaping out here just isn't worth it for you or your pet.

  5. Check online for pet medications. Our vet is surprisingly competitive in price to online stores and they treat us fairly on care, so I buy them from our vet.