As temperatures plunge this winter, here is a tip to save energy. Please note, I am from the south (Georgia), so I don't know how well this really works out in the north. Also note: this tip is for people who have a bedroom and no kids who stay in other rooms of the house.

  • Lower your thermostat at night (or configure your programmable thermostat). ~60 F works well in Georgia (on nights when it gets down to the 20's). You'll have to experiment here.
  • Buy an inexpensive space heater
  • Close your bedroom door and seal it the best you can (door draft pillow thingy for the bottom of your door)
  • Run the space heater for about an hour before you go to bed. Our heater uses 1500 watts @ ~10 cents/KWH (with taxes, etc. - to find yours: look at your power bill and divide your total KWH by bill amount $) or about 15 cents per hour according to my Kill A Watt Power Usage Monitor
  • Turn the heater off and sleep comfortably without heating your whole house.
This assumes you're using electric heat... like I said, I'm from the south so I have no idea how well this works in the frozen north or with heating oil, etc. I would appreciate some comments from you northerners.