"Maxed out" - Not me!

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I've heard of this documentary before, but never had the opportunity to watch it. I ran across it on Google videos and have to say it's worth watching. There is a lack of accountability portrayed on this film, but my post is not concerned with this. People make mistakes. Being in credit card debt, I can definitely sympathize with many in this documentary. Credit card debt is something you can overcome! My wife and I have made considerable progress in the past year. We have lived on as little as possible and put as much as we can toward our credit card debt. I'm happy to say that we will hopefully be credit card debt free in a few months. This has been an incredible burden hanging over us for a couple of years and I'm starting to see the light!

Watch this documentary; show (or send) it to your friends and family. If you have teenagers and/or college students, show them this video. Explain the many pitfalls of credit cards. But above all else, tell these people everything can be fixed no matter how far in debt you are. The "fix" may not be quick or easy, but is excessive credit card debt a reason to take your life? The answer should be clear to many, but alas many people feel as though it's their only way out.

Promote credit education.