What is perchlorate?

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Perchlorate is a chemical found in Rocket Fuel. It may also be found in your drinking water or your child's baby formula.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - EPA said it was toying with the idea of setting new limits on acceptable amounts of perchlorate in drinking water.

Upon checking nearly 4,000 public water supplies serving 10,000 people or more, the EPA found that about 160 of the water systems had small levels of perchlorate, while 31 had levels high enough to surpass a possible new safety level.

Read more: http://www.cdc.gov


  1. Larry Ladd // April 3, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

    At higher doses perchlorate and iodide SHARE immunotoxic effects because they are chaotropic (see iododerma, bromoderma, bromism), so increasing the dose of iodide in the infant formula is not likely to be the solution. Chaotropic anions keep proteins from coagulating and water from freezing -- thus the liquid water on Mars stays liquid at very cold temperatures because it contains large amounts of perchlorate. I personally think industrial exposures to perchlorate keep important parts of the innate immune system (pentraxin 3, defensins) from coagulating with pathogens, and thereby increase the incidence of CD34+ tumors (thyroid, connective tissue) due to mutation-promoting viruses (e.g. high incidence of malignant nerve sheath tumors around the Whittaker Bermite rocket plant in Santa Clarita CA.) If pendrin is the primary means of excreting perchlorate through the urine, then premature infants and babies with diarrhea will retain perchlorate.
    Perchlorate in drinking water, and perchlorate-rich items like opuntia cactus (nopales) and chew tobacco, need to be regulated. http://www.perchlorate.org