Children of the Corn

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Children Of The Corn is a short story by Stephen King, published in 1978 in the compilation Night Shift.

A businessman and his wife, Burt and Vicky Robeson, trying to save their failing marriage, are on a road trip across America to California for vacation. While driving through rural Nebraska, they accidentally run over the body of a young boy who had been killed and thrown onto the road. Knowing they would have to tell someone what happened, they place the body into their car and drive through the roads that cut through the massive corn fields all around them. After driving some time, they find a seemingly abandoned gas station and meet a man who is working there. They ask him for information about where to find the closest police station. Even though Gatlin would be the closest, the man tells them to avoid Gatlin and go past to the next town. After they leave, a boy named Malachi comes and kills his dog before killing the man. Looking for the authorities, and eventually getting lost, they head to Gatlin, a small, isolated town that seems to be abandoned. While driving through the streets and stopping occasionally to check things out, Burt and Vicky notice that many things about the town are unusual and out-of-date, such as gas prices and event dates. When they finally locate the police station, it is empty of people. This fact piques Burt's interest, and he tells a frightened Vicky that he is going to walk through the streets and search for someone. Begging Burt to get into the car and drive to the next town, Vicky begins to get hysterical, which angers Burt. Thinking she is trying to manipulate him into doing what she wants, Burt jumps out of the car, taking the keys, and leaving Vicky to stay inside the car until he gets back.