Roth IRA

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About 9 months ago I began investing in a Roth IRA through Fidelity. What attracted me to Fidelity is the ability to make monthly contributions and not need a typical $2,000+ initial funding. Since I have quite a few years until retirement, I have invested in the Freedom Fund 2040. Fidelity names their funds after your "projected" retirement date. Over the course of 9 months and contributing $1800 I have managed to lose about $80, most of which occurred this year '08. I think there's a great benefit to investing into my fund monthly. Some months are up, some months are down, but by buying in every month, I'm not locked into paying what may be a high rate at the beginning of the year. If the market goes down as is predicted this year, I will continue to buy on the way down and hopefully be better off in the future when the market heads back up.