Middle Class Squeeze

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Do you consider yourself middle class? What is middle class these days? Sometimes I feel like my wife and I make a decent income and all is well and other times I feel as though we’re barely making forward progress. It seems as though everything has gone up considerably in price in the last few years. I remember when gas was actually affordable. I remember when we could get a cart full of groceries for around $50 without using coupons. Now it’s difficult to get out of a grocery store for under $80-$100. We have definitely adjusted our lifestyle accordingly as we drive less and look for better deals. I often wonder what the future holds for the middle class of this country. Have you adjusted your lifestyle because the cost of goods have gone up? Do you think many other people have done so as well?


  1. Shauna // January 11, 2008 at 1:40 PM  

    I don't really know what middle class, but it sure is expanding. I've always thought of myself as such--but who knows? Some days you're the dog, some you're the hydrant.

    Thanks for stopping by Money:Managed. Good luck to you as well.