Young people these days face many credit obstacles. Take for instance, a college student goes away to school, takes out a few credit cards, runs up the balances and then graduates. This student then has a difficult time finding a stable job and his student loans become due. Not being able to make ends meet, the student misses a few payments on the credit cards and things begin to get out of control. Now this student applies for a job and everything is looking promising, but the potential employer runs a background check which includes a credit check. Background check comes back fine, but credit check does not. The student is not offered the position.

This is a scary prospect for many young people these days. We get into a little credit trouble here and there and hope to get back on our feet and fix some of our wrongs, but it's exceedingly difficult when an employer looks at our credit.

It's crucial that young people especially learn how credit mistakes can affect them for a very long time. It can be a vicious cycle; get credit, lose job, miss payments, find job, lose job because of bad credit. Now what?

Don't get caught in this cycle - Promote credit education!